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“Rent it” is the newest, most innovative way to earn passive income with items laying around your home not being utilized or taking up space. Unfortunately, we live in a world where very little holds Its value, so selling an item isn’t always an option and with limited space in homes these days, buying bulky items to only use once or twice isn’t an option either. With the “Rent it” app, you’ll have a chance to free up space and earn 50 to 75 percent of your money spent on an item over a period of time back by listing it on the “Rent it” app for others to rent or demo. Once comfortable with the return on your listed item, select the option to sell it, trade it, or barter it.

With the “Rent it” app there is no limitations.

“Rent it” has been designed to allow users to easily connect; socially with nearby app users including their neighbors to Rent; Sale; Demo; Trade; or Barter with other likeminded users.

List any item from your mobile phone or smart tablet within seconds. Make trustworthy transactions with users who have been rated by other users as being trustworthy. Browse locally, by state, city, and countries if you’re thinking about traveling and have a need to rent an item that you can’t or don’t want to travel with. Communicate with other users within the app securely. Build your reputation and there is no limit to the amount of cash you can earn.

Browse items by name, category and image. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Post publicly to a wish list that will notify all “Rent it” users.

What we’re trying to do

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    Help users create passive Income

    Passive income is the Holy Grail for “Rent it” users. It’s automatic. Effortless; with your fingertips doing the most amount of work can lead to multiple streams of revenue.

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    Create a social constituency platform

    Electronic communication through which “Rent it” users can share with people with similar attitudes or interests who believe and will also support “Renit it’s” beliefs.

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    Promote entrepreneurship

    When it comes to passive income and generating revenue, most entrepreneurs think about the Internet and social media. With billions of daily users, it makes sense. “Rent it” users can reach a large and captive audience without as much marketing muscle as you would have used in the past.

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    Rent. Buy. Sale. Demo. Trade or Barter

    Before your next purchase, think about how much use your purchase will really get. How would you like to be able to demo that item before you buy it? Consider the “Rent it” app! Wheatear its and every day or one-of-a-kind item, with “Rent it” you will discover everything from household items to your next car, boat, RV, house/apartment, etc.… transaction.

Why Rent Instead Buying

Owning a place in an attractive vacation spot can be an enticing dream, but in reality, it means spending time and money to keep up a second home. And it probably also means you’ll vacation in the same spot every year. With “Rent it”, keep your options open — and more cash in the bank for vacationing — by renting rather than buying.

Your child is convinced he wants to be the next Wynton Marsalis and play the trumpet in the school band. Before shelling out the $300 to $500 for a beginner’s model, Use the “Rent it” app to rent a comparable instrument first.

Maintenance, repair and storage costs can be very high, and new RVs depreciate quickly. If you’ve never traveled by RV before, definitely use the “Rent it” app to rent before you buy in order to make sure the RV lifestyle — and the driving — is right for you.

Guys have traditionally rented their wedding attire, but now rental gowns for bridesmaids — and even the bride herself — are becoming increasingly popular. Men and women use the “Rent it” app to rent out formal wear for your wedding or special occasion at a cost that’s about 10 to 30 percent of the retail price.

Unless you know you’ll need specialized medical, orthopedic or rehabilitative equipment for a long period of time, it’s usually better to “Rent it”. Or Maybe you have equipment that you used for an extended period and no longer need; “Rent it”.

Unless you’re going to live on the water, it’s probably best to use the “Rent it” app to rent, or “charter,” your vessel of choice rather than pay for all the upkeep, storage and transportation costs that come with boat ownership.

Whether it’s an inflatable bounce house for a kid’s birthday party or a fashionable tent for a backyard wedding, chances are you’ll come out way ahead by using the “Rent it” app to rent instead of buying, given how infrequently you’ll use it again. If you don’t have the space in your garage, storing these large items can pose an additional (storage) expense.

From garden tillers and jackhammers to power washers and air compressors, my rule of thumb is that if I’m going to use a specialized tool only once or twice a year, I’ll rent rather than buy. A wide selection of rental tools are available on the “Rent it” app at the fraction of the cost of most home improvement centers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, and at some hardware stores.

If you don’t regularly lug around a lot of gear and people, why not own as small and fuel-efficient a car as possible and then simply use the “Rent it” app to rent an SUV, truck or trailer when you actually need one?

If you’re a newcomer to exploring the great outdoors, consider the “Rent it” app to get the gear you need before you fork over the big bucks to buy it. Even if you’re a seasoned outdoors enthusiast, it may still make sense to rent rather than buy.

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